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The 2023 Canadian Grand Prix
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Coefficient - 10
Tips efficiency - 95 %

Valtteri Bottas has an impressive record when it comes to qualifying on pole at recent Grand Prix's. His pace has also been good in the 2017 season. The Italian has managed some nice performances in the past. The odds of backing Valtteri are extremely attractive as of now, considering that he has fallen behind Sebastian Vettel in the Drivers’ championship table. However, he has shown excellent place to be considered as a great bet for qualifying on pole.

Coefficient - 2.37
Tips efficiency - 90 %

Lewis Hamilton will certainly be one of the favourites for succeeding at the 2017 Canadian Grand Prix. Betting odds for this event will be heavily focused on Mercedes and Ferrari when it comes to a victory. Both teams have been showing plenty of pace in the early parts of the 2017 Formula One season, but it is Hamilton who is likely to have the biggest impact. Bet predictions that back Hamilton is largely based on the Brit’s impressive record at the Gilles Villeneuve circuit. He has won the Canadian Grand Prix an incredible five times with only Michael Schumacher (7) ahead of him.

Hamilton has managed to win the last two races, although they came after a significant wait. Prior to these two wins, his last success was in 2012 when he was racing with McLaren. Still, he is a good bet to back in the F1 odds for the 2017 Canada GP. This prediction is for an outright win.

Coefficient - 34
Tips efficiency - 80 %

Kimi Raikkonen has an impressive record of qualification and pole position at the Canadian Grand Prix. The Formula 1 betting odds and tips in the past have largely focused on the Brit when it comes to this race. After losing out on the world championship last season, Raikkonen is very keen on winning the overall crown. Yet, Ferrari have been unable to make a dominant start to the campaign in terms of race victories. While this does not change the Grand Prix betting for the 2017 season, Raikkonen’s impressive record at the Canadian Grand Prix is likely to have a huge say for this race alone.

Hamilton has managed to win the race five times in the history. The possibility of moving within one victory of Michael Schumacher’s record of seven Canadian Grand Prix titles will be a huge motivation. This also seems to be a reason behind online betting odds focusing on Hamilton for triple success of a pole, fastest lap, and race win.

Coefficient - 1.72
Tips efficiency - 80 %

Sebastian Vettel leads the 2017 Formula One Drivers’ Championship after managing two wins. His successes at Bahrain and Australia have certainly made him as one of the favourites in the odds for predicting Formula One champions. However, his record at the Canadian Grand Prix is rather mediocre with just one win. It is surprising considering that Vettel had one of the fastest cars, and almost no competition, during his heyday set Red Bull racing. It is one of the reasons for Vettel to be a great option in the F1 betting for podium finishes.

Ferrari may be dominating at the moment, but it remains to be seen if the dominance will continue once Mercedes bring in their upgrades from the Spanish Grand Prix onwards. Even if Ferrari’s pace does drop behind Mercedes, the German can be backed for a podium finish in the Formula One betting odds.This prediction is for podium finish.

The 2024 Canadian Grand Prix is scheduled between 11-14 June. It precedes the Azerbaijan Grand Prixbefore the season gets really hot during the summer. Results from Montreal will be essential for the F1 Championship odds given the importance and the timing of the event. Here are five betting tips for the 2024 Canada Grand Prix:

Vettel, Hamilton, Verstappen (Safety Car Period During Race – Yes)
Canada Grand Prix 2024

The safety car has not been called into action for the last two Canadian Grand Prix events. Yet, this is a race that has a high potential for a safety car incident. The hairpin just after the turn 1 can provide plenty of collisions, according to open betting odds. The higher speeds of the cars this season could greatly increase the chances of a crash in turn 13. The ‘Wall of Champions’ may have largely claimed champions, but it is also highly likely for other drivers to produce a crash.

The safety car incident can spoil the strategy of several drivers at the top of the field, but those out of the back of the field could benefit immensely – depending on the strategy. Formula 1 bets on the race winner will also significantly depend on the presence of a safety car period.

How to Bet on F1
Canada Grand Prix 2024

Formula One is a hugely popular sport, but betting on this sport is considered a niche category. Yet, this not prevent bookmakers from offering different markets on this sport. There are different ways to bet on the sport. One of the popular outrights is predicting the Formula One champions. Since there are only a handful of drivers capable of winning the title, it is possible to narrow down the selection. Punters also receive excellent prices when betting on the Formula One world champions.

Keen observers of the sport will also be able to bet on each race. Bookmakers provide numerous markets for each race. F1 odds are available for predicting the winner, fastest lap, pole position, safety car period, top six finish, or even the winning nationality. The availability of several markets may be overwhelming for a newcomer, but here it is possible to have the betting odds explained. Invariably, one can also get Formula 1 betting odds from different bookmakers compared here. This step is essential in the betting process and we specialise in comparisons.

F1 odds championship also places a significant amount of focus on the Constructors Championship table. Traditionally, this has been a two horse race, thus making any price as excellent. Punters will be able to access the plethora of tips found here to make an informed decision. It's always important to do your homework and know every details before delving deep into your wallet to bet.

Find The Best Betting Tips
Fastest Qualifier, Fastest Lap, and Race Winner – Lewis Hamilton

It's always good to be informed, and when it comes to betting this is actually quintessential. On this page will find the best betting tips, odds, predictions and various betting offers from the most trustful bookies. Our website is an online odds comparison service which is totally FREE and lets you grab the best promotions and F1 betting odds from different bookmakers.

Remember that you can choose the types of bets depending on their risk, difficulty and based on your experience as well. Don't delve into something you don't know - or, if you do, at least read what our experts have to say on the topic. Fastest Lap and Race Winner are among the favourites for most punters.

F1 betting tips are very easy to find, yet it's important to make sure the information is reliable and accurate. Our website happens to be one of the best places to find tips and this will ensure that you will be successful when betting. It definitely takes more than just a fewdetails and key info about form to analyze and provide the best tips. Other important factors like previous history at that particular Grand Prix, the possibility of a safety car incident, the mechanical reliability of the car, psychological issues, and prediction of the weather patterns play a huge role in the success of a bet.

It's essential for punters to compare the multipleodds Formula One market has to offer. It's not advisable to stick with just to the pole position and race winner prediction bets. Diversify and find what's best for you! Use our betting tips to get a better idea.


It is advisable to research the various F1 statistics before betting. Aspects like track preferences of a driver, weather conditions, and previous history play a huge role in the success of those who bet on F1. It's up to you to decide who you bet on, where you do this and how you approach such activities. Remember that surprises can happen anytime, but you need to be prepared with key info about the event!